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How To Beat DUI Charges

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My name is Kenneth Mollins. I am an attorney as well as the proprietor of The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. If this is your first time visiting our website it’s nice to digitally meet you. If you have a legal questions pertaining to how to beat a DUI charge or any legal matter pertaining to a DUI arrest do not hesitate to call my office anytime. The number is 631-983-6068. The remainder of this page is dedicated to explaining the advantages The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. has over other law offices you might be considering contacting to assist you through the DUI defense process.

Why Choose The Law Office Of Kenneth Mollins?

1. We Employ A Former Prosecutor

A prosecutor is the attorney that decides what charges to file against an individual accused of a crime and then proceeds to try the case in front of a judge or grand jury. Hiring a defense attorney that is a former prosecutor will provide you with the advantage of working with an attorney has tried cases on both sides of the courtroom. More specifically, a former prosecutor has the advantage of being familiar with how the prosecution gathers related evidence, decides the charges to file, and builds their case to go trial. This allows the attorney to know where the prosecution may be weak, which will in turn strengthen your case.

Additionally, a criminal defense lawyer that has worked with the prosecution will be able to negotiate better plea bargains, as they have intimate knowledge as to just how far the D.A. may be pushed. Usually, the first plea bargain should not be accepted because better terms can be agreed upon. A former prosecutor can use their knowledge of the other side to more efficiently and successfully negotiate on your behalf.

2. We are Familiar With The Local Courts

A local and well respected attorney is familiar with the often times very specific court procedure, and has had the opportunity to develop relationships with the Judiciary, court personnel, and the prosecutors. Getting the best result for your case is most likely when you enlist the help of a lawyer who spends significantly more time within the courts they visit most often.

3. We Have Over 100 Years Of Combined Legal Experience

We guarantee if you come in and speak with us, you will quickly be able to pick up on the fact that we know our stuff. The fact is, that you don’t need to be a criminal defense attorney to recognize one that knows how to defend a specific type of crime. Our attorneys pride themselves on making you feel as comfortable as possible in understanding what to expect in both the short term and long term with regards to any legal issues you might be encountering. No question is considered insignificant.

4. We are prompt in responding to phone calls

Many lawyers promise to respond to phone calls in a timely manner. Unfortunately, due to heavy case loads or a bevvy of other reasons attorneys often fail to live up to this promise. This is unacceptable. Legal questions need to be addressed in a timely manner. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences. If you work with The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. prompt response time will never be an issue.

5. We Come Highly Recommended By Former Clients

AVVO is an online legal service marketplace that provides client reviews and peer endorsements for attorneys throughout the United States. You can check out our reviews on the AVVO website or read a few below which we copied and pasted to this website.

“I have retained the Law Office of Kenneth Mollins on two personal injury cases for myself and a family member and on one criminal matter. The office was responsive and knowledgable and there was not even once I did not get a return phone call. Mr. Mollins was patient and always explained all my options and pit bull aggressive negotiating style worked really well in getting me settlements that far exceeded my expectations. His associate did a great job for me on my criminal matter and the fee was really really reasonable. I priced the case around and Mr. Mollins’ fee was great. The result too was even better than I imagined. I would recommend this office for any legal matter as I felt they were exceptional”

“I have been a client of Ken Mollins for many years. He has represented myself and members of my family on both criminal matters and personal injury. In every instance he got the results I needed and was always available to explain what was going on with my case. Highly recommend A++++”

“I consulted and hired Mr Mollins and his firm to defend me on a criminal matter. Case dismissed. Couldn’t have asked for a better resolution and will not hesitate to call this firm again on any legal issues in the future. I highly recommend this attorney.”

6. We Have Over 100 Years Of Combined Legal Experience

The attorneys at The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. have many years of experience utilizing a wide variety of legal tactics to defend clients against drunk driving charges. Below are common defense tactics utilized by our criminal defense attorneys.

A. Lack Of Probable Cause 

In order to pull you over for suspicion of drunk driving a law enforcement official must first have probable cause. Probable cause is roughly defined as reasonable grounds for making a search. An individuals driving is used to determine probable cause. For example, if someone is zig-zagging all over the road, that would be enough for a law enforcement official to pull them over for suspicion of drunk driving. At times, a defense attorney can establish that the officer arrested the driver with no probable cause.

Consider the following example: In court a prosecutor asks the arresting officer what he/she based their arrest on to which the arresting officer responds “It was based on the field sobriety tests, the driving, the odor of alcohol, and an admission by the defendant that they had been drinking.” Seems pretty damming, right?   In this instance, if this was the only evidence presented, a judge would likely rule that the state had not met its burden of showing probable cause because none of the officer’s observations were in and of themselves, or in combination, enough to cause a reasonable person to believe that a crime had been committed. The field sobriety tests may have been enough, but since the prosecutor failed to present any testimony about the specifics of the tests, and instead relied on the officer’s blanket conclusion, there were no facts in evidence for the judge to consider.

B. Rising Blood Alcohol Content  

Alcohol takes a while to absorb into your system. While the alcohol is absorbing, your blood alcohol content is still increasing. It doesn’t matter what your blood alcohol content was when you’re at the police station, after having gone through a prolonged investigation. What does matter is your level of intoxication when you were operating a motor vehicle. A toxicology expert can be a witness and testify that the defendants blood alcohol content was lower than legal limit at the time he/she was driving and reached illicit limits after the arrest. A person who has been arrested for DWI can use evidence such as receipts from a restaurant or bar that show what foods they ate and what drinks they had before driving if they want to use the rising blood alcohol defense. Also, eyewitness testimony that can show that the person was sober when they started driving may be helpful.

How To Beat DUI Charges?

As is the answer to many questions in life the answer to “How to beat a DUI charge,” is it depends. There are many factors that go into fighting a DUI charge. It’s my sincere hope that after reading this page you will trust me enough to contact my office about helping you. We treat all clients like we would our family. Please do not hesitate to call.