What Other Professionals Are Saying About Kenneth Mollins

"I endorse attorney Kenneth Mollins due to his track record of success and dedication to his clients. He is also well-respected among his peers in the legal industry."
"I endorse Kenneth Marc Mollins due to his extensive knowledge and experience in personal injury and criminal defense cases."
"I endorse attorney Kenneth Mollins due to his vast experience and dedication to serving his clients. He also has a kind heart illustrated by his pro-bono work for special needs children for years. He will aggressively fight the case against his clients. I would highly recommend him."

Criminal Defense For Residents Of Long Island

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime the first step should be to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Bad things happen to good people, and we at The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. fully understand this fact. Consequently, when you contact our firm we don’t treat you like a second-class citizen simply because you’ve been charged with a crime. Every client is treated as a top priority. No question is considered unimportant. Even if you did not do anything wrong, what you tell authorities can be misunderstood. An experienced defense lawyer like the attorneys at The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. have likely helped an individual with very similar circumstances to yours and know the best way to handle the situation to limit the potential damage to your future.

At The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. we prides ourselves on being both affordable and highly aggressive advocates for your rights. We are not the type of lawyers that walk into court and take whatever offer the District Attorney is offering, as many moderately priced lawyer do. As your criminal defense attorney, we  will look at every single aspect of your case and create any possible defense necessary. We will not back down to anyone, and will use our breadth of experience and knowledge of the court system to get the result you deserve.

Winning Your Case With A Long Island Criminal Attorney

If there is any way to win your case at trial then you need only the best to get the job done. You don’t want a lazy attorney who will just go through the motions, you need representation that will actively engage the jury and use years of research and psychological experience to tilt the scales of justice in your favor. Unlike other law firms, The Law Office of Kenneth M. Mollins P.C. welcomes the opportunity to go to trial and he is the one that can get you the not guilty verdict you deserve. Our goal is to make sure no one ever gets taken advantage of by the criminal justice system. We aggressively advocate for your rights, and will not just sit back while the DA builds their case. Instead, we will take charge and defend your case right from your first phone call. If you are seeking an experienced criminal defense attorney in Long Island, make sure you hire someone with the expertise and proven track record to ensure the best possible outcome. As your legal representative, our firm will expose the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, which in turn gets our clients an outstanding result. We will look through the entire police report in your case. Every single word will be analyzed to see whether the officer’s statements are deceptive or if any errors in the report can be exploited. Our firm will also look at the scene of the crime, sometimes taking pictures and doing his own investigation to find all the flaws in the prosecutor’s case against you. Lastly any witnesses will be contacted for the prosecution and the defense to check statements for corroboration.